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The Virtual and Easy Way to Train Your Dog

You’re the new proud parent to an adorable puppy. He’s lively, inquisitive, but with young, untrained animals tends to come chaos. Or perhaps your trusted four-legged walking buddy isn’t as well behaved as you’ve tried to get him to be. You scour over dog magazines, watch shows aimed at helping you, but without some proper guidance, the lessons are falling terribly short.

Why Choose Me?

I’m Pete Mauch, a dog trainer out of Bismarck, North Dakota and I provide such guidance, virtually. Yes. Online dog training sessions are somewhat new, but around long enough to know they can benefit any pet owner. My years of extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of dogs can provide you with the advice, information, and cyber-hand holding to get your pet trained well. Honestly, this is exactly why I called my business

My consultations can be over the phone and also done via the internet so I can get a first-hand glimpse of your canine, and you the owner. This will assist me to understand your animal, observe any body-language I can read from your dog, and see to any concerns or frustrations you may have.

Why Go Virtual?

For many owners, it can be a lot of reasons such as:

  • In-house dog training lessons were too costly or too inconvenient. It has to make sense for you in time and money to initiate your pet’s education. Some trainers can be pricey, overbooked, and require you to drive to them so having one catered to your schedule to make lessons steady is important.
  • Books, magazines, and videos are great, BUT they don’t give you real-time tools to correct issues with you and your pet during training. Getting me online to watch how you’re instructing your canine is crucial to see results.
  • Convenience is where you can contact me for surprise online visits, last minute questions, and just in case your lessons at home need tweaking.
  • Humans spend an extraordinary amount of time online already. Why not put some of that use to correcting your furry loved one’s erratic behavior or to implementing good, new habits. was created specifically because, on the topic of pet training, people need results. Making you and your dog a priority with customized lessons, proper training sequences, and good old fashioned patience, are what my clients love about this service. Thinking about getting some help now? Drop me a line and let’s get a consult initiated!